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The stories that fascinate me are the ones we perceive to be true but are they?

As an Energy Alchemist, Flower and Nature essence practitioner, Life and Human Design guide, a lover of the mystical the magical, the unseen, the untold hidden stories that whisper their silent songs to us. We often feel to scared or ashamed to share any of these irrational stories.

Let’s face it none of us like being judged or ridiculed. I especially don’t it’s part of who I am.

For me to hold people in a giant hug and a safe unconditional space I need to be as open and real about my story as I want you to be

I have had the same rollercoasters as you, they may just look different.

I was burned out and anxious!
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I began telling myself stories that I believed yet knowing they weren’t true. I looked deeper into the layers working on myself asking why I felt this way, what was the reason. Over the years of using energy healing and intuitive wisdom and metaphysical practices, I began to see and know my own patterns. I worked with friends and clients who were feeling the same. This is when Seeding Light and the Wisdom Grove were born.

What is burnout?

For me, it was termed as the new it phrase decades earlier, Your suffering from Stress. Take vitamin B daily and you will be okay. that was the Dr’s advice.  The cause: you have young children it will get easier working mums are always stressed.

At the time I didn’t know any better so I did what he suggested. but over the years and lots of times of overwhelm, it wasn’t working.

so what is the cause of Burnout? It can be many things.

For me and those, I worked with it was that they had lost themselves in the stories they had been living by and telling themselves it had to be this way there was no choice. The expectations and stories that others have for us are the boxes we don’t fit because they aren’t ours. The things that we keep locked away inside or stuffed down because we were once told we weren’t good at it.

The faulty beliefs we carry as stories like I’m not worth it, I’m too old, I don’t have enough time, I have no talent are just stories that we have attached an emotion to.

In 2019 I discovered Human design this felt like the missing piece in so many ways. I had always felt like I was dancing around the eclectic edge of something but had no centrepiece. In 2020 already committed to a deep dive into myself and my stories I became Certified in Quantum Human Design I felt for the first time in my life I could fully begin to see myself and See my clients even more clearly gaining them clarity and freedom to let the guilt go and explore themselves as they know they truly feel themselves to be.

Through the process of finding myself, I discovered my creative muse I began to feel inspired to write and paint while using Energetic vibrational therapies such as flower essences, sound healing and crazy art. From this, I found Self-love and self-forgiveness.

This is my wish for you that through your journey you find your true self and find self-love.


Australian Bush Flower Essences

Certified Reiki 1 and 2 (power of your energies)

Certified Angel Intuitive and Advanced Guide

Certified core 100 Coach (Robbins Madanes centre for strategic intervention)

Qualified Whole body Massage Therapist (All regions Massage school

Certified Ho’oponopono practitioner (Global Sciences Foundation)

Certified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer (The institute for Intuitive Intelligence)

Published Poet (The Cambridge hall poetry Journal, Nightingale Poetry Journal)

Donna xxxx

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I’m passionate about holding others in a safe space. Inspiring and empowering them to see who they are at their core.

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Client Love

When the opportunity came up to have a couple of sessions with Donna I jumped at it. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for or how it all worked, but the thought of shifting some fears and mindset blocks was too good to refuse.
I’m definitely on the practical side of “woo” but resolved to go in fully open-minded and embrace the process, letting Donna lead the way. And I’m so glad I did!
Donna makes everything feel so comfortable, she’s incredibly warm-spirited and giving. I can’t really define her in words except to say it’s like having a giant cuddle!
As for our sessions….well. I can’t give anything away (and I wouldn’t be able to explain if I tried). But through working with Donna I was able to release a couple of giant things that I’d been holding onto. What she does is nothing short of magic.
As I told her on our last session, I don’t feel like a different person, I just AM a different person.
I’ll definitely be back (and you should speak with her, too).

Georgina Bowden: Success and Mindset Coach


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