Human Design

Human Design or HD for short is a map or blueprint to seeing yourself. I use this tool in my intuitive work and also to explain to people how some of the things they see as flaws in themselves are actually part of their human design chart and these can turn out to be a strength.

We have all of the designs within us but we have one that is unique to us.

There are 5 designs and each design has an Authority, a Strategy, a Theme and its own challenges. Knowing this opens you up to understanding more about yourself, it’s like taking off the dark shades.

I am an Emotional Generator or an Alchemist in the new Quantum HD language by @Karen Curry Parker. My theme is satisfaction/ frustration, my strategy is to respond. Seeing this connected so many dots for me in the way I have done things at different times. It helped me to understand myself and accept things that I previously had thought of as weaknesses or failures.

If you would like to learn more about your design type you can book here for an Introduction to human design reading